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New York Emergency Room and Hospital Negligence Attorney

Medical professionals at hospitals, emergency rooms and other health care facilities owe a duty of care to every patient. When the negligence of a medical professional leads to serious health complications or death, it is important that victims and their families have representation from a qualified New York hospital negligence lawyer. Attorney A. Paul Bogaty has successfully represented clients in many different types of hospital and emergency room negligence cases. He has secured a number of significant settlements and verdicts against hospitals, including a $3.6 million verdict for failure to diagnose compartment syndrome in an emergency room, and a $1.75 million recovery for a hospital’s failure to diagnose a cervical fracture.

Holding Negligent Medical Professionals Accountable

Mr. Bogaty’s background handling medical malpractice claims has given him a thorough understanding of the complications patients can experience when mistakes are made by hospital personnel. He has in depth knowledge of hospital and emergency room procedures that enable him to thoroughly analyze, evaluate and diligently pursue cases of hospital and emergency room negligence.

The firm has extensive experience with a variety of hospital and emergency room negligence cases:

  • Emergency room negligence: A patient who is seen in an emergency room must not be released until he or she has been thoroughly evaluated, properly diagnosed and treated. When needed, the emergency room staff should perform appropriate tests, arrange for consultations and/or admit the patient to the hospital.
  • Hospital negligence: Hospitals provide a wide variety of services for their patients ranging from radiology to laboratories to operating rooms. They typically employ nurses, interns, residents, technicians and other personnel who provide patient care. Hospitals are responsible for the negligence of their employees. They are subject to inspection and approval by The Joint Commission.
  • Nursing errors: Nurses play an essential role in the welfare of patients. Nurses are responsible for administering the care prescribed by the doctor, properly dispensing medications, patient monitoring and keeping doctors informed of their patients’ progress.
  • Improper triage: Emergency room staff members need to be extremely mindful of the severity of each patient’s injuries and prioritize his or her care accordingly. Failure to recognize the urgency of a patient’s need for care can result in treatment delays with potentially life-threatening consequences.
  • Inadequate supervision of interns, residents and physician assistants: Interns, residents and physician assistants require close supervision to ensure that they make the right decisions and provide the appropriate care. When they are not adequately supervised, mistakes can happen that put the patient at serious risk.

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