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New York City Obstetric Malpractice Lawyer

When an obstetrician’s error causes a mother or her child to suffer serious injuries, it is important to have an attorney who will work diligently to ensure that both get the compensation they deserve. New York City obstetric malpractice attorney A. Paul Bogaty provides results-oriented representation in these complex claims.

An obstetrician has the obligation to provide the necessary care to safely deliver a child. When he/she fails to meet that obligation, it can lead to devastating consequences, including cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, developmental delays, maternal complications and other serious conditions.

Protecting Your Interests and the Interests of Your Child

Attorney Bogaty has extensive experience with the full range of obstetric malpractice cases. His complete understanding of birth injuries and his 35+ years of experience as a medical malpractice trial lawyer enable him to take a focused and strategic approach to preparing each case and seeking maximum compensation for his clients. He has secured a number of significant settlements and verdicts in obstetric malpractice cases, including $3.25 million for a child with developmental delays related to prematurity, $2.5 million for a case involving a uterine rupture and $950,000 for a child with Erb’s palsy.

The Neurologically Impaired Infant Medical Indemnity Fund (NIIF) pays the medical bills for infants suffering brain injuries due to medical negligence at birth. Mr. Bogaty helps his clients through the challenging process of obtaining payment from NIIF.

The firm has successfully represented clients in many different types of obstetric malpractice cases, including the following:

  • Cerebral palsy: Lack of oxygen to the brain, infections, delays in delivery, fetal distress and brain injuries during birth, among other factors, can contribute to cerebral palsy. You need an experienced obstetric medical malpractice lawyer to determine whether your child’s cerebral palsy is due to medical negligence.
  • Erb’s palsy: Erb’s palsy results from a brachial plexus injury suffered by an infant during delivery. In many cases, brachial plexus injury is the result of a doctor or midwife mishandling a birth involving shoulder dystocia.
  • Developmental delays: If your child is having trouble learning to crawl, walk or talk, it could be grounds for a medical malpractice claim if it can be shown that the developmental delay is directly connected to an injury that occurred during birth.
  • Failure to perform a cesarean section: There can be times when a C-section is necessary for the safety of mother and child. Fetal distress, a child that is too large to pass through the birth canal, and a child in the breech position can all require a timely C-section.
  • Uterine rupture: Failure to control strong contractions and vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) can contribute to a ruptured uterus, which is a life-threatening condition for both mother and child. It is the responsibility of the medical staff to take the appropriate steps to prevent uterine rupture and perform emergency cesarean section in the event it occurs.
  • Maternal complications: Obstetricians can be held liable if complications, such as uterine hyperstimulation, infection, preeclampsia, eclampsia, DIC, uterine rupture or perforation are not properly managed.

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Contact the Law Office of A. Paul Bogaty to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your obstetric malpractice claim. You can reach Mr. Bogaty by phone at 212-481-7797 or via e-mail.

All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. There is no fee unless your case is successful.

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